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Analytics to Reduce Burnout

Burnout in the healthcare industry impacts not only nurses and physicians but also executives in the C Suite:

- 79% of them agree that this situation has negative consequences for the organization

- more than 50% believe that it could make them leave their position.

The main impact of staff suffering from burnout is undoubtedly their reduced effectiveness and often leads to disengaged employees. Their productivity is low, the risk of making mistakes increases, and they can become demotivators of their fellow employees

This can be felt not only in the workplace, but at home as well. Executives may begin to feel ineffective as burnout begins to affect one’s physical and mental health, energy levels and interpersonal relationships.

Now at the top of the list of possible ways to reduce burnout, we must certainly mention training more efficient work teams

Wuru Analytics has a direct impact on professionals efficiency and productivity, not only by improving their management capabilities but also the communications with other key stakeholders in the organization, helping key employees perform at their best, avoiding consequential knock-on effects of burnout throughout a company’s workforce over time.